Funding Positivity


In The Making LA (non profit)

4024 E, Cesar E. Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90063, USA

  • programs geared towards youth and employment
  • purpose corporate product overflows in a charitable way
  • empower youth in establishing goals
  • community resource center
  • promoting pro-social friendships
  • nurturing a sense of individual responsibility

VOTE to Create Impactful Change

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We all know or at least we should all know that voting is critical, we believe most will agree with this. Every chance we have to make our voice know we should do so.

With this principle in mind, Honest Behavior has launched in the interest of positivity and purpose based economies to thrive in our platform eco-system.

We all VOTE with Our Daily Actions.

By creating crowd & reward-based funding solutions communities, organizations, individuals, businesses, and geo-specific groups can join our (voices = DAILY VOTE), as well as, our pocket change to create and sustain positive effects in our global communities.

Crowdfunding Campaigns for Positive Change

  • Non-Profits & Cause Relates
  • Businesses & Organizations
  • Education & Start-ups
  • Community & Individual Needs
  • Public Awareness
  • Purpose Modeling

What is Reward-based Crowdfunding?

Reward-based crowdfunding is a form of crowdfunding, where the entrepreneur, individual, or business owner receive donations in return for a reward. The process starts off with the entrepreneur describing their project, or idea attached to a fundraising goal.

The reward can range in size, as small as a thank you e-card from the campaign creator to a version/item of the crowdfunded product or even a pre-order notification (defining future fulfillment). These incentives to donate are shown to be effective because the contributors are left feeling more valued and invested in the campaign. Usually, specific donations are attached to specific rewards, giving donators more incentive to contribute more.

This form of fundraising is especially beneficial for smaller start-ups, who can’t qualify for traditional loans, also non profits, businesses, organizations, and artists not interested in entering a loan agreement; often, but not always.... revolving around a unique or complex product.

Tips for Success:

  • Offer attractive rewards to captivate your specific audience
  • Attach a video of your campaign, explaining who you are and why people should donate
  • Captivate the audience with your personal/compelling story
  • Reach out and connect your campaign to multiple social media handles, to obtain broad exposure


Raise Funds to Support

  • Personal Objectives
  • Friends / Family
  • Athletic Teams
  • Events / Activities
  • Community Needs
  • Non Profits
  • Start-ups
  • Schools / Education
  • Organizations
  • Businesses

We provide crowdfunding... to power the vision you imagine!