Geo Fencing & Beacons

Geo-fencing lets you reach your target audience while they are "geo-located" near your business, venue, events, and pop-ups... increasing foot and digital traffic. All in real time... if a client is about to leave your preset area, send them a message about a special offer to direct them into your designated area.

  • Select Your Target Locations/Venues
  • Design Your Call to Action Initiatives
  • Launch Your Campaign
  • Connect with Your Audience

eMail & Direct Mail Marketing

We enable you to reach your audience leveraging a proprietary database.

  • eMail : with over 160 million double opt-in (verified) consumer eMail addresses. By knowing who your customers are, we can deliver them (on demand) your call to action, message, promotion, or notification.
  • Direct Mail : over 250 MILLION individual (verified) postal records in 270+ unique lifestyle and demographic specific audiences.


Retargeting with Ad Display

Ad display retargeting is crucial, it gets your message in front of your website visitor just after they have left your site. This essential solution, responds as visitors leave your website... in real time it delivers your ad to their screen. Empower your site with our ad retargeting campaigns to recapture your website visitor, while you are on their mind... providing another chance to close.

  • ReCapture web-mobile Vistors
  • Higher Conversion Ratios
  • Measurable Analytics


Shopping Cart - Recapture

e-Commerce has a 30% shopping cart capture rate... with an abandonment rate of 70%, we retarget website visitors who added products to their cart but never finished the purchase. See how we can launch Shopping Cart - Recapture tools which re-engages customers to increase sales & ROI.

  • Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • ReCapture web-mobile Vistors
  • Deliver: discounts & indictments
  • Higher Conversion Ratios


Content Marketing

With our Content Acceleration Engine... your articles have a link with your website, getting them picked up by, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and others – sending your brand viral and quality traffic to your site. Reduce CPC costs, dependency on AdWords and refine your target audience with Content Acceleration Engine.

  • Video / Social Influence
  • Audience Engagement
  • Community Building


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